Raggedy Ann Inspired Doll

Raggedy Ann Inspired Doll

I am proud to introduce to you a Raggedy Ann inspired doll for your collection. These dolls are reallylovable that children and adults alike will love to play with them.

Raggedy Ann began as a faded and worn rag doll that was found by a girl named Marcella on a wet and rainy day.

Marcella’s father Johnny Gruelle, saw infinite possibilities in that old rag doll, so he repaired her and gave her a name. The newly repaired doll now with shoe-button eyes and winsome smile quickly became the favorite toy of Marcella.

Marcella Gruelle fell ill and died at the age of 13 from an infected vaccination. Johnny was devastated. But knowing how much his daughter loved that doll, he began writing the stories of Raggedy Ann.

“Raggedy Ann, and her equally spirited rag brother, Andy are the world’s best-known and most adored rag dolls. At the hand of their creator, cartoonist and author Johnny Gruelle, the Raggedys weren’t ever simply dolls. They were literary characters as well, possessing attributes and outlooks reflecting trustworthiness, kindness, and spunk. Because Gruelle was a natural born storyteller, it followed that his dolls would star in whimsical, fanciful tales, based on fantasy and make believe.” Raggedy Ann and Andy: History and Legend by Patricia Hall, 1999

When I introduced in the world of rag dolls by my godmother, who owns a fabric doll and stuffed animal production business for over 40 years. It never crossed my mind that one day I would be involved in the magical world of bringing fabric dolls to life. During my research and studies about fabric dolls I came across the story of Raggedy Ann and the child Marcella. Coincidentally, my name is also Marcella just like Johnny Gruelle daughter.

Today, I am honored to create a doll inspired by Raggedy Ann and bring smile to everyone.

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