Product Care

Doll Care

Our products are 100% handmade one-by-one, they are made with high quality fabrics and stuffing by Poly-fil. Some of our doll   faces are hand-embroidery and others are hand-painted with non-toxic paint.

Always, read each product care on the item description in the store because we have products for babies, toddlers, small children, adults and collectors.

Depending on the the fabric doll you purchase the outfit can be removed and others are attached to the body so, they can’t be removed. We don’t recommend washing any dolls but if there is a spot that needs cleaning you may use a damp rag on the spot only. Hand painted faces should never be washed.

Thus, we recommend the following these care instructions to guarantee the durability of your fabric doll.

They look beautiful decorating a child’s room, sitting on a dresser or shelf, and they also make wonderful gifts. Each and every one is unique and completely one of a kind.