About Us

About Us

Hello, welcome! My name is Marcella and I’m 29 years old. I’m the creator of Marcella Dolls that specializes in making RagDolls | Fabric Dolls | Cloth Dolls | Pillows. I love all animals especially cats, dogs and giraffes. I have a rare condition called Intracranial Hypertension, I received the diagnosis in 2014, after going to the hospital with severe headaches and loss of vision. After that my life changed direction completely. I had my profession, my business, and I had to let go of everything and immerse myself in an exhaustive routine of treatments. I have always loved arts & crafts, my mother introduced me to this enchanted world as a child, and regardless of the paths I followed during those years, I never let go of this hobby. Many of my family members also have this passion for all sorts of arts & craft, sewing, knitting, embroidery and so forth. Also, I am positive that the love for crafting is what keeps us connected even though we live in different countries.

Marcella Dolls got started from this love for the arts & craft shared by my family. I’ve always been in love with fabric dolls and I am blessed that now I have the opportunity to bring them to life, to make people smile and to receive positive feedback on my work is a true honor. I did not seek this profession, it sought me out and together we built a bond of love and personal & professional fulfillment. Today I’m still on treatment and I have some after-effects of the condition but I can say that all of this served as fuel to get me here. The Marcella Dolls would not exist without the encouragement of my family, my friends and especially my husband, who is my great supporter and is always willing to dive with me in my wildest ideas and adventures.

“Our mission is to bring smiles and joy to children and adults alike also, to create an eternal bond between who gives and who receives the dolls. Our products are not seen as objects, but rather as a form of affection and love”.

Marcella Macaiola Lacerda 


Our goal is to continue to spread smiles around the world, but more than that to bring knowledge and training to people who wants to make dolls as a hobby, profession or as therapy. So we are working hard to make this dream come true as well where we will introduce you to the magical world of making dolls and stuffed animals. Follow us on our social media and add us on Instagram @marcelladolls to hear all the news.


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